Marine Facilities: Overview

Marine Facilities Engineering - Expert Port & Harbor Construction

Ports, Marine & Waterfronts

S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. builds on over 125 years of experience and is one of the most respected names in Ports and Harbor Engineering. We provide clients from Canada to the Caribbean with designs for new construction and the rehabilitation of all types of port and marine terminal facilities, including piers, wharves, loading platforms, and mooring structures.


We have extensive experience in recreational marine facilities such as ferry piers, marinas, boat ramps, boardwalks, and fishing piers. We frequently handle timber, concrete, and steel structures and have been at the forefront of design for composite-material construction systems. We also cover cathodic protection and, in some instances, historic preservation.

Experience Matters

S. T. Hudson Engineers has designed and managed over 100 million dollars of construction, plant rehabilitation, building renovation projects, and other retrofit work. Additionally, the company has conducted hundreds of building/site inspections and environmental assessments for major real estate firms. Your Hudson contractor is not learning on the job; he or she is equipped with the knowledge and experience of years in the business.