With roots stemming from the 1800s, S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. was established out of a dock construction business. S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. specializes in a niche market for design, rehabilitation, and regulatory compliance of marine facilities and terminals. With 87% returning clients, our client base spans various industries: Refining & Petrochemical, Government, Real Estate, Leisure & Cultural, and Education. Our professional in-house staff includes Structural Engineers, Tank Engineers,  Piping Designers, Environmental Regulatory Compliance Specialists, Dredge Consultants, Construction Managers and Inspectors. Founded by Samuel T. Hudson II in 1967, S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. remains a family business. Our Investigations and Surveys in-house staff  includes Certified Inshore Hydrographers and Scanning Sonar Surveyors, and Certified Commercial Hard Hat Divers. Our capabilities including Hydrographic Survey, Scanning Sonar, Side-Scan Survey,  and Underwater Investigations. S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. designs and engineers all types of custom terminal facilities–ranging from the smallest of projects to in excess of $250 million. We also serve the refining, gas, chemical, power, and petrochemical industries.

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Experts in piling foundations, underpinning, tiebacks, cargo handling facilities, piers, docks, wharves, bulkheads, mooring and breasting dolphins

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Specialists in the engineering and design of petroleum, chemical and material handling terminal facilities

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Pioneers in various survey methods including hydrographic, side scan, scanning sonar, and divers’ investigations

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S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc., Marine Engineers & Consultants

S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. has been a respected name in terminal facilities and marine engineering for over 48 years. With roots in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley Waterfronts, we are pioneers in state-of-the-art marine and total harbor facilities.  Hudson’s project experience is coast-to-coast across the United States and includes many international locations.  The core of our experience is the Eastern US, Gulf Coast and the Caribbean.   S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. is known for developing innovative and cost-effective designs for new construction and the rehabilitation of all types of port and marine terminal facilities, including: tanks, piping systems, piers, wharves, loading platforms, mooring structures and bulkheads. Our services include pier repair and pier rehabilitation, side scan surveying, hydrographic surveying, marine investigations an inspections, dock and harbor construction.

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