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Get high-quality, high-resolution images of hard-to-access or hazardous areas with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone surveys.

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In many industrial sites, getting accurate inspections of difficult-to-access areas can be dangerous and costly. UAV drone surveys give you a clear and comprehensive look so you can assess the condition of dredge disposal sites or marine facilities and terminals with precision and ease.

Drones are becoming an increasingly important tool, transforming the way we capture information in and around industrial sites. UAV or drone surveys allow us to quickly and safely  gather a detailed overview of your project. Using the images and data captured by the drone, we are able to produce 2D and 3D modeling as well as an orthomosaic map, which uses multiple geometrically-corrected images to give you the most precise and detailed view. In addition, we can create point clouds from the measured data points to give you a highly-accurate depiction of the site.




S.T. Hudson can help with your toughest inspection challenges. Our UAV drone surveys offer many benefits, including:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Compared to traditional methods, UAVs can cover survey areas faster.
  • Savings: Because they are quicker and require less workers in the field, UAV surveys can save you money.
  • Centimeter Grade Accuracy: The precision allows for better monitoring and inspection of sites.
  • Safety & Accessibility: UAVs can fly over potentially dangerous areas without putting workers in harm’s way, getting visuals that might otherwise be inaccessible.
  • High Quality: Our UAV surveys produce high-resolution images.
  • Topographic Data: Obtain precise topographic data over large areas in less time than with any other method.

ST Hudson is a disciplined and motivated team that has strong leadership skills and possesses that innate ability to superbly balance practicality, budget, schedule, quality, and mission accomplishment.

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Pro Tips

Due to battery life, it is recommended that all UAV flights and surveys stay within a one (1) mile radius of the UAV operator.

Typically, wind is not a major concern for UAV flights and surveys. Reflecting sunlight and rain have a much more detrimental effect on UAV flights and survey data.

There are many FAA restrictions on UAV flights; however, the most relevant restriction has to do with the fight proximity to an airport.

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