Construction Management Services

We provide a full range of consulting, project management, and construction management services for marine facilities and terminals.


Engineer, Procure, & Construct (EPC)

Our team will handle your entire project from start to finish, beginning with feasibility and continuing with design,...

Construction Support

With years of experience, our experts provide engineering support during the construction phase of your project.

Owner's Representative

We partner with you to reduce your risk and support the success of your project, managing day-to-day logistics and...

Pro Tips

Ideally, the construction support consultant should be brought in during the bidding phase to provide technical feedback on the contractor’s approach to the project and provide value engineering options. The construction support firm should be hired no later than immediately after award of the project.

Within an EPCM team it is advisable that the engineer hire and manage the contractor to maximize the leverage of the engineering firm to enforce sound engineering principles and standards in the construction of the project.

An EPCM team should be secured no later than after the FEED studies have been completed and approved and before detail design has begun.

Concerns about conflicts of interest in EPCM projects can be addressed by the introduction of an Owner’s Representative, usually a third-party engineering firm, that oversees the project and represents the owner’s interests.

The construction management consultant should be available to be on-site for all crucial project events. This individual should participate in weekly progress meetings and receive construction schedule updates, as well as notifications on deliveries of major materials and components.

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