Marine & Mechanical
Engineering Services

We provide mechanical engineering and marine structural design services, using practical engineering solutions to solve your most unique project challenges.


Marine Engineering

We offer a broad range of marine engineering services for waterfront projects.

Mechanical Engineering

We utilize a proven process to provide mechanical engineering solutions for terminal facilities and more.

Pro Tips

Marine engineers use sophisticated software to determine the optimal or acceptable layout for a dock facility by inputting dozens of variables and modeling relevant scenarios for the mooring and berthing operations of the design vessel(s).

A marine fender system is any material or assembly that is designed and manufactured to absorb the berthing energy of a vessel during docking operations.

While there may be variations in engineering and construction standards based on location, nearly all engineering and construction standards are dictated by or derived from American Standards like ASTM, AISC, and ASCE.

A qualified marine engineer should be used to determine the berthing energy of the design vessel(s) and select the most appropriate marine fender to absorb the calculated berthing energy.

Bollards are acceptable for nearly all applications where the vessels being moored are handling non-volatile material. Often, local laws require that quick release hooks be used when handling fossil fuels or other potentially flammable materials.

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