Environmental Assessments
and Solutions

Our broad range of expertise in environmental assessments, consulting, and permitting solutions will help you to grow your business in a sustainable way that will conform with ever-changing regulations and positively impact our world.



We help you obtain the right permits for your project, whether it involves land, waterfront, or marine dredging.

Dredge Consultation

We can assist with environmental dredging projects, including permits, surveys, monitoring, and more.

Sampling & Analysis

Our in-house team helps us collect the samples required for sediment analysis and permitting of dredging and marine...

Regulatory Compliance

Our experts stay up-to-date on changing laws and regulations to help your company meet requirements.

Pro Tips

For permitting purposes, “In-water work” means any work that takes place below the mean high-water line. In many cases, activities conducted over water would also require a permit.

The time it takes to secure a permit when doing in-water construction on a navigable waterway depends on the nature of the work and the location of the project, but as a general rule you should allot 6-9 months for the drafting and securing of local, state, and federal permits.

Most permits require a conceptual design to be submitted with the permit application.  Therefore, a permitting consultant should be brought in during or before the conceptual design phase.

Dredging, disturbance of wetlands, waterfront development, pile driving, dock construction, bulkhead installation or repair, shoreline stabilization, outfalls installation, discharge operations, water intake systems installation, placement of fill in any body of water, and similar activities will probably require some level of permitting.

There are ways to fast track the permitting process. Hiring an environmental and permitting specialist, with an expertise in the permitting process and good relationships with the permitting agencies, will ensure the highest chances that the permitting process will take as little time as possible.

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