Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services

Don’t let the intricate laws and policies of regulatory compliance overwhelm you. The experts at S. T. Hudson will help you understand your responsibilities.

Why You Need an Environmental Compliance Specialist

As regulations in the marine industry continue to grow more complex, it has become increasingly challenging for companies to ensure they remain in regulatory compliance. Yet doing so is important, as non-compliance can result in costly penalties. That’s why it’s essential to work with an environmental compliance specialist like S. T. Hudson, who can guide you through the web of regulations and make sure you avoid fines and delays.


With our extensive marine engineering knowledge, our experts will keep you in compliance for the duration of your project, from planning to execution. Our environmental compliance specialists are adept at ensuring compliance for all types of marine and terminal facilities, including sophisticated storm-water management systems that must comply with stringent regulatory requirements set forth by various state and local governments.




Taking the time up front to make sure your project complies with regulations will help you avoid issues down the line. The environmental compliance specialists at S. T. Hudson make sure you get it right. Working with us affords you many benefits. We will help you:

  • Conserve Time: Breaking down the complexity of new regulations requires a significant investment of time. S. T. Hudson invests this time on your behalf so you can focus on your work.
  • Save Money: The penalties that result from non-compliance will cost you more in the long run. Avoid fines and project delays with our regulatory compliance services.
  • Stay on Track: Don’t let an oversight delay your marine engineering project. We take care of regulatory details so your work can proceed according to schedule.
  • Get Advanced Solutions: Our team has access to the most advanced technology and resources to deliver the most up-to-date consulting to make your project a success.

ST Hudson is a disciplined and motivated team that has strong leadership skills and possesses that innate ability to superbly balance practicality, budget, schedule, quality, and mission accomplishment.

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Wetland mitigation requirements differ from location to location; however, mitigation ratios can range from 2:1 for the creation of new wetlands to 27:1 for the preservation of existing wetlands in some areas of the country. An experienced environmental consultant can help you navigate all wetland mitigation requirements dictated by local, state, and federal laws or ordinances.

Federal, state, and municipal permitting agencies require the creation, restoration, or preservation of wetlands to compensate for the loss of wetlands due to commercial operations and construction.

Federal law requires mitigation for permanent placement of fill within wetlands or the removal of wetlands to create open water. An experienced environmental consultant can help you navigate all wetland mitigation requirements dictated by local, state, and federal laws or ordinances.

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