Owner's Representative

Ensure the successful completion of your marine construction project utilizing the services of an owner’s representative who will serve as your advocate throughout the execution of the project.

Why Do You Need an Owner’s Representative?

Taking on a marine design and construction project is a significant undertaking that has many challenges. Having an advocate on your side who understands the process and can be your voice can make a huge difference in your project’s outcome. By applying our extensive Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) expertise and years of experience, Hudson can serve as your owner’s representative to make your next marine engineering and construction project a success.

An owner’s representative functions as your advocate over the course of your project. The rep’s role is to transform your project vision into reality by diligently monitoring each phase of your project. This diligence can allow for pre-emptive project course corrections when problems may arise. Having an owner’s rep involved in the early planning stages and remaining throughout the execution of a project provides the most ideal benefits to an owner.

The success of a project comes down to efficiently managing time, money, and resources. With Hudson’s extensive EPCM experience, you can feel confident that what you expect will be what is delivered.

It is always a pleasure to work with professions like ST Hudson, which consists of such talent from professionally qualified people. There are no words to express how much I appreciate their efforts.

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Pro Tips

It is critically important for the owner’s representative to have a clearly defined role that is understood by all parties involved in the project. This role could range from simple quality assurance, involving surface analysis of designs and schedules; to a quality control function, reviewing all calculations, plans, and vendor submittals in detail to ensure compliance with the project requirements.

The owner’s representative should be brought in as early as possible in the design phase to ensure that the client’s interests are represented at a time when modifications to the project are most practical.

The owner’s representative is not always hired by the facility owner. They may be hired by a tenant who was not involved in the hiring of the project designer or contractor. The owner’s representative is hired by an interested party not sufficiently represented on the project.

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