Structural Marine Engineering Services

We deliver expert consulting and marine engineering services for waterfront and coastal structures and facilities, serving clients across North and Central America.

Complete Marine Engineering and Services

At S. T. Hudson, we provide complete marine engineering services for all types of port and terminal facilities, including piers, wharves, loading platforms, and mooring structures.

We work on both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Our experienced in-house team, which includes engineers, environmental specialists, hydrographers, hard hat divers, construction managers, and inspectors, are readily available to assist clients on all aspects of a project, from the docks to the tanks and everything in between. Hudson’s unparalleled history and experience allows us to cultivate long term relationships with our clients, providing them the skill set and knowledge to enhance their business capabilities.




Backed by over 52 years of experience, the S. T. Hudson team brings excellence to all types of marine engineering and services. We provide support through all phases of a project, including:

  • Mooring/Berthing Studies - Using the latest computer modeling software, we simulate real-life mooring and berthing operations in order to determine the forces that the dock structures will experience during their service life—providing crucial information in making safe and efficient design decisions. 
  • Civil/Structural Engineering - We work on industrial, commercial, and recreational marine facilities, including timber, concrete, and steel structures, as well as composite-material construction systems.
  • Construction Support - We provide comprehensive construction support services that span the lifecycle of the building process, including construction management, critical path scheduling, claims analysis, and mitigation and resolution.
  • Environmental Services - Our consulting helps you make sure you meet all regulatory requirements necessary to comply with strict environmental regulations.
  • Dredge Consultation - Assessing your options for analysis, disposal, and maintenance, we help you determine the best way to dredge and dispose of dredge material.
  • Mechanical Engineering - Our mechanical engineering services offer practical solutions for every phase of your project, from conceptual design to stress and hydraulic analysis.
  • Design/Build Services - We specialize in all aspects of marine design, making us a turnkey company for marine services.

ST Hudson has been distinguished by their responsiveness, timely performance, thoroughness and cost-effective solutions to different design problems.

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Pro Tips

Bollards are acceptable for nearly all applications where the vessels being moored are handling non-volatile material. Often, local laws require that quick release hooks be used when handling fossil fuels or other potentially flammable materials.

A qualified marine engineer should be used to determine the berthing energy of the design vessel(s) and select the most appropriate marine fender to absorb the calculated berthing energy.

A marine fender system is any material or assembly that is designed and manufactured to absorb the berthing energy of a vessel during docking operations.

While there may be variations in engineering and construction standards based on location, nearly all engineering and construction standards are dictated by or derived from American Standards like ASTM, AISC, and ASCE.

Marine engineers use sophisticated software to determine the optimal or acceptable layout for a dock facility by inputting dozens of variables and modeling relevant scenarios for the mooring and berthing operations of the design vessel(s).

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