Construction Quality Assurance Support

We provide construction support services for all phases of your marine or terminal facility project, from assessing constructability and to providing quality assurance support.

Marine Construction Support

Managing a large construction project is a complicated undertaking. The building process is intricate, with many steps involved, and without proper management things can go amiss. S. T. Hudson provides comprehensive construction support services that span the lifecycle of the building process.

With dedicated construction support that begins with constructability reviews, we are able to anticipate future issues before they lead to larger problems, which paves the way for innovative solutions as we evaluate alternatives. We attend weekly meetings to keep you informed of progress as well as construction schedule updates and deliveries of major materials.




Our construction support services provide complete project oversight, keeping the client informed at all times, ensuring maximum satisfaction, and yielding successful results.

  • Construction Management - We handle the construction process, contractor schedules, and production.
  • Critical Path Scheduling - The critical path is the longest distance between the start and finish of your project. We manage tasks and plan their duration, giving clients a clear picture of the project’s schedule.
  • Claims Analysis - We analyze and review insurance claims to help reduce your loss.
  • Mitigation and Resolution - We help identify risks, assess probabilities, and manage impacts so that we reduce potentially adverse effects related to safety, financial hurdles, or project delays and disruptions.

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Pro Tips

The construction management consultant should be available to be on-site for all crucial project events. This individual should participate in weekly progress meetings and receive construction schedule updates, as well as notifications on deliveries of major materials and components.

Ideally, the construction support consultant should be brought in during the bidding phase to provide technical feedback on the contractor’s approach to the project and provide value engineering options. The construction support firm should be hired no later than immediately after award of the project.

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