Marine Dredging Consultation Services

We provide consulting services for marine dredging and port construction, including maintenance, new work, excavation, and more.

Expert Guidance for Marine Dredging and Port Construction

Do you have a marine dredging project that requires a knowledgeable and competent professional? We design, engineer, and manage dredging projects for owners and agencies. Our seasoned team has overseen dredging projects throughout the mid-Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions. We have extensive experience working on all types of dredging projects including maintenance, new work, and environmentally-sensitive work, from large-scale capital works to small-scale marine projects. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the planning, design, rehabilitation, and management of Confined Upland Disposal Areas required for dredging projects.




We have provided consultation services for dredging and port construction projects in various locations, including oceans, rivers, bays, lakes, and reservoirs, and are able to manage any phase of the dredging process.

Our comprehensive dredge consulting services include:

  • Expert Guidance. We have years of experience in designing, engineering, and managing various types of dredging projects.
  • Evaluation. We evaluate and assess your project-specific dredging requirements.
  • Permitting. We will apply for and secure dredge permits from federal, state, and local agencies. 
  • Sampling. We conduct sampling and materials testing for pre-dredge.
  • Site Management. We provide you with short- and long-term dredge material placement site management techniques.
  • Estimating. We generate dredging costs estimates so you can plan your budget.
  • Identification. Our team can identify potential beneficial uses for dredge material as well as suitable and regulated disposal sites for dredge material placement.
  • Disposal. We design and manage confined disposal facilities, including dike design, crust management, weir, sluice and water quality best management practices and dredged material management plans.

ST Hudson is a disciplined and motivated team that has strong leadership skills and possesses that innate ability to superbly balance practicality, budget, schedule, quality, and mission accomplishment.

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Pro Tips

Activities such as dredge disposal and site remediation require soil samples to be taken prior to beginning construction, usually as a part of the permitting process.

Environmental sampling for permitting purposes can be done at the same time as geotechnical investigations and can save time and money when done together.

Anyone scheduling for the retrieval and analysis of dredging samples for chemical analysis should assume 6-10 weeks. The process involves developing a sampling plan, submitting the plan to and getting it approved by the required agencies, retrieving the samples, and delivering the samples to the lab and waiting for results.

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