Services: Construction Support

Together as a team effort, Hudson Construction Consultants and S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. (HCC/Hudson) provide comprehensive construction support services that span the lifecycle of the building process. Sharing the same office building and mutual goal, these two companies provide expertise in all phases of construction support including:

  • Construction Management
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Claims Analysis
  • Mitigation and Resolution
Construction Management Services

HCC/Hudson has been very successful in completing several significant construction projects for public and private clients, including but not limited to:

  • Panamax Ship Pier—new construction; eight hundred feet (800′) in length
  • VLCC Ship Unloading Platform and Dolphin Facility—new construction; one thousand feet (1,000′) in length
  • Refrigerated Fruit Storage Building—new construction; pile-supported; fifty-five thousand (55,000) square feet
  • Pier Demolition and Reconstruction—including existing storage building modifications; three hundred sixty feet (360′) in length
  • And many other projects
The Process

Construction management services are all-inclusive, designed to carefully supervise your project from start to finish. With a careful eye on every phase of the construction process, the following components are closely monitored:

  • Construction Process
  • Contractor Schedules
  • Production

Additionally, regular construction meetings are held with the client and contractor, engineering and design input is provided when needed, and material/equipment reviews and inspection are done to assure the project is accurately completed in a timely manner.


HCC/Hudson’s construction management services provide complete project oversight, keeping the client informed at all times, ensuring maximum satisfaction, and yielding successful results. Hudson Engineers and HCC have a proven history of innovative approaches to difficult construction management problems—especially in minimizing the disruption of ongoing operations during construction.See also Design/Build.

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