Dredge Consultation

dredge consultation update

S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc.  personnel have decades of experience in working in all types and facets of dredging work.  


Our seasoned and knowledgeable personnel have successfully performed a multitude of dredging projects throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  Project experience includes the use of mechanical (clamshell and backhoe), hydraulic suction and hopper dredges.   We are experienced and well versed in successfully executing maintenance, new work, and environmental dredging projects.   These projects have varied in size and scope from large scale capital works to small scale boutique projects. 


Project locations have varied from the ocean, rivers, bays, lakes and reservoirs.   Options for disposal of dredge material have included upland disposal with and without sediment processing as well as beach re-nourishment and open water disposal.  These disposal options were employed through direct placement by both mechanical and hydraulic means.


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